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Nuclear: Hinkley heats up as Russia and India embark on atomic partnership

Welcome to the weird world of nuclear diplomacy and, yes, nuclear espionage.

An engineer for Chinese Hinkley investor CGN has just been charged by the US government for ‘nuclear espionage’ — apparently he tried to get US experts to develop nuclear materials without official approval.

This comes as Peter Mandelson, the prominent Labour politician, called on the UK to approve the controversial Hinkley deal or else risk its relationship with China, reports Politico.

China, however, has problems on its own on the nuclear front, with mass protests forcing the government to scrap (or move, more likely) a planned waste site.

And things aren’t rosy in France either, where three EDF board members have denied they conflicts-of-interests for the Hinkley vote after it emerged that they also sit on the boards of potential subcontractors, reports Reuters.

The UK government has some bad news for the nuclear industry as well, announcing that taxpayers will have to stump up £1.6 billion more than they thought to clean up after old reactors, reports The Times.

Meanwhile Russia is making real headway in the atomic energy industry, outlining plans for 11 new reactors by 2030 and – more significantly – entering a new stage of nuclear cooperation with Modi’s Indian government.

Renewables: Record-breaking wind for Scotland

On Sunday the 7th of August, Scotland’s gale force winds produced equiavlent to 106% of the country’s power demand, the Independent reports.

According to new Argus data, a massive spike in ‘embedded wind’ (turbines directly hooked into electric networks) that day also drove UK power demand to an 11-year low.

Meanwhile, Ambrose Evans Pritchard at the Telegraph has written a terrific long features on storage, the ‘holy grail of energy policy’ — that’s apparently just a few years away.

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US: Here’s why coal on federal land should be left in the ground, says Dr Vox.

Oil: The oil price is expected to stay depressed for many more months as stockpiles continue to mount, reports the BBC.

UK: Where in London parks is there illegal air pollution? Check out this new map from ASI.