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EDF chief knew about Hinkley delay

When the UK government announced last week it would delay (again) a final decision on the nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point, many expressed their shock and surprise – including some of the directors on the board of energy giant EDF which narrowly voted less than 24 hours before to approve the plan.

But now it seems that the board’s chair and chief executive Jean-Bernard Lévy knew that the £18bn scheme in Somerset would be delayed and withheld the knowledge from the board.

In a letter, seen by the FT,  Lévy wrote: “At the moment of the board’s vote on Thursday 28th afternoon, we thus knew that the ceremony wouldn’t be on the next day.”Seven board members voted against the plan, one resigned ahead of the vote and others have said they think the board could have voted differently had they all known about the delay.

As the controversy continues, governments elsewhere – namely in Poland and New York – are backing nuclear.

Tesla posts new losses

Elon Musk’s electric car manufacturer posted its 13th consecutive quarterly loss on Wednesday, which was worse than expected as it invests billions in new vehicle and battery factories.

The firm said it is still on track to deliver 80,000 new vehicles by the end of 2016 and a new model aimed at the mass market.

It maintains that adjusted profitability can still be met after agreeing a $2.6 billion deal on Monday to buy out solar energy company Solar City, which Musk is also the chair of.

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