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Coal: US industry crisis deepens

Yet another US coal company has admitted it might declare bankruptcy.

As Alpha Resources nears a bankruptcy deal with the US govt that would see its mining mess, Murray Energy’s CEO has said Obama’s regulations may force it to do the same, according to Fox News.

This follows a huge expose by the New York Times on the failure of the US coal industry’s last chance of survival: CCS.

The Kemper ‘clean coal’ project in Mississippi is years late, billions of dollars over budget and still not operational.

Does this mean the end of CCS? Not quite, according to Vox, though it’s certainly not a good thing for the tech nor the industry.

On the back of the Obama government’s latest federal land reforms, and the jailing of coal exec Don Blankenship for poor safety standards, things are getting awfully bad awfully quick for King Coal.

In Europe, Climate Home has highlighted the coal acquisition spree of Czech firm EPH – which has raised more than $3 billion since 2012.

And even further east, there are things happening in India’s industry. The big-time coal consuming country looks to be performing a u-turn on exports.

In order to tackle its growing glut, Coal India wants to sell its coal abroad instead of buying from others, writes

This comes as Reuters covers the tragic story of children working in India’s mines.

UK: Fracking appeal filed

Anti-shale groups have filed a legal appeal against the decision to allow Third Energy to frack in North Yorkshire, reports the BBC.

UKIP’s ex-MP has sought to allay fears over the climate change denying party’s new position of power on the Welsh climate committee.

Mark Reckless, who will chair the committee, told the BBC man was ‘probably’ causing climate change.

And finally Brexit (look how far down it is today!) could embolden the ‘far right’ to undermine environmental laws, according to the UK govt’s top climate adviser.

In other news

US: The Guardian analyses the climate change impacts on Donald Trump’s Florida resorts,

Brazil: State-owned energy company Eletrobras, the one behind the Tapajos project, is facing further scandal, with 19 people arrested on bribery allegations, reports Reuters.

Africa: Exxon and Qatar are heading to Mozambique, reports Bloomberg.

Renewables: Dong energy set to smash offshore wind cost reduction record, reports Business Green.