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Shell: Attempts to duck North Sea clean-up rules

Meanwhile in the North Sea, Royal Dutch Shell wants to leave behind steel and concrete structures as large as the Empire State Building. The company’s decommissioning plan for the Brent field will need exemptions from international law, as Shell argues that the safety and environmental risks of removing the structures would far outweigh the benefits.

EDF: Sets sights on nuclear decommissioning market

In other decommissioning news, EDF has plans to grab a share of the global nuclear decommissioning market, worth 200 billion euros over the next 15 years.

The French power utility is also insisting it has full confidence in the UK Hinkley Point project, despite the pro-Brexit vote.

Renewables: Total reshuffle, big beats rooftop, UK to miss targets

French energy firm Total has made a number of changes to shift its production to gas and renewables, as it strives to become a leading renewables and electricity player within 20 years.

Large-scale solar is leading the way, leaving rooftop efforts behind, reports Reuters. And if solar keeps up the pace, this year will be the first year that solar power will contribute more to the grid than any other form of energy.

And the UK is expected to miss its 2020 renewables targets, according to the National Grid.

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