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Arctic: Centrica gets license to drill in the Barents Sea

Just days after making a joint announcement with the White House about protections for the Arctic, the Norwegian government has opened up new territory in northern waters for oil exploration.

Centrica, the UK energy firm that owns British Gas, was among those awarded licenses to drill in the Barents Sea, reports The Guardian, as was Tullow Energy.

State-backed Statoil has won 4 licenses, Swedish firm Lundin got 3, and among the rest of the recipients are US giants Chevron and ConocoPhilips, writes the FT.

US: Fallout from Trump’s environment intervention

Donald Trump doesn’t like the Paris climate deal.

The presumptive Republican nominee’s declaration that he would like to ‘renegotiate’ the hard-won agreement has sparked concerns the world over.

According to Reuters, the foreign minister of the Marshall Islands – which is one of the countries most impacted by climate change – said unravelling the deal would be ‘a great disservice to all of humanity’.

French foreign minister Laurence Fabius, who helped broker the deal, said: ‘If a climate change denier was to be elected, it would threaten dramatically global action against climate disruption’.

A senior US official has assured The Guardian, however, that President Trump would not be able to stop the US from meeting its climate targets, with the changing market a bigger factor in the direction of travel.

But Trump now also has an energy adviser, Jim Cramer, who Vice has describes as ‘dangerously anti-environment’.

The North Dakotan congressman is leading a plan to investigate Saudi Arabia and the OPEC nations for unfair trade practices, reports the FT.

UK: Queen’s Speech touches on climate change

In her annual address to Parliament, the Queen underlined the government’s commitment to tackling climate change, making a veiled reference to the Paris deal.

According to a Business Green analysis of the speech and the government documents released alongside, there were also clear indications of support for electric vehicles.

Meanwhile offshore wind is ‘back on the agenda’ for SSE after the government gutted onshore wind, and the gas price crash began eating into profits,reports The Telegraph.

Finally on the fracking front, advocates and anti campaigners are trading barbs ahead of North Yorkshire County Council’s decision on a Third Energy drilling application, expected on Monday.

Local activists dubbed the fracking industry’s attempts to convince councillors – which included open letters published in full page ads urging the area not to ‘squander its once-in-a-generation opportunity’ – as desperate, reports the Yorkshire Post.

Meanwhile The Times covers allegations that campaigners may have hacked the email of parish council.

In other news

Climate: There’s a 99% chance 2016 will be the hottest year on record, according to Climate Central.

China: Beijing’s massive international energy investment is a climate concern, reports the FT.

Hydro: Flooding by Brazil dams has impacted 36,000 hectares of the Amazon rainforest, reports Reuters.

Coal: Execs running failing companies award themselves millions as they lay off miners, reports Think Progress.

CCS: A new study says carbon capture and storage would make ‘unburnable’ carbon burnable, reports Business Green.

India: The world’s single largest rooftop solar farm has been inaugurated in Amritsar,reports the International Business Times.