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Paris deal: Negotiators meet, Trump would renegotiate

Climate negotiators from around the world have met for the first time since December to fill in the gaps in the deal, widely regarded as a landmark example of international diplomacy.

Despite over 175 countries endorsing the deal since it opened for signature, over 60 unmet decisions on issues like emissions reporting, how national and collective progress will need to be assessed at this interim meeting.

Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that he is “not a big fan” of the Paris accord – because it gives favourable treatment to countries like China – and so he would want to renegotiate the deal.

Canada wildfires: Evacuations as oil sands industry counts the cost

The fires in Alberta, Canada are again raging near oil sand facilities, extending industry shutdowns and forcing evacuations.

The fires have cost the industry USD$760m (£528m), or around 1.2 million barrels of oil a day over two weeks.

12,000 people have been urged to evacuate as wildfires move towards local town Fort McMurray, where air pollution is dangerously high.

Energy business: Shell CEO pay, coal banks, floating wind, Hinkley

Shell shareholders have been advised to oppose CEO Ben van Beurden’s pay deal despite a drop in his remuneration of 8% to £4m last year. Advisers said “the ratio of CEO pay compared to average employee pay is 37:1, which is unacceptable”.

Australia’s banks are being urged to reject loans for coal projects on climate grounds. The move – including a halt to refinancing existing loans – would likely nearly empty the banks’ loan books.

Offshore oil drilling technology could help wind power companies harvest the strongest winds out at sea, by developing floating platforms for the turbines in areas where conventional mills are hard to install.

And French President Hollande has reaffirmed his support for UK nuclear plant Hinkley, to be built by 85% state-owned French firm EDF.

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