Trial Begins Of 13 Climate Change Activists Charged Over Heathrow Runway Occupation

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UK: Didcot power station collapse, Heathrow 13, fracking traffic, protest assaults

One person has died, five are injured and three missing after a ‘major incident’ at Didcot power station in which the main turbine hall collapsed. It was caused by work to prepare two boilers for demolition, scheduled for next month.

The 13 activists who chained themselves to Heathrow’s northern runway are likely to become the first climate change protesters to be jailed in the UK when they are sentenced this morning.

Fracking firm Cuadrilla has won its appeal against a council decision to reject plans for a monitoring site in Lancashire.

Meanwhile a study has found that traffic generated by fracking in the UK would increase NOx emissions by as much as 30 percent at the busiest times.

And anti-fracking campaigners at Barton Moss in Salford have told researchers that police officers used “sexualised violence” to target female protesters.

In Hinkley news, French energy group EDF is planning to sell off part of its stake in the French power grid to fund construction of the £18bn plant.

US: Pennsylvania fracking trial, fracking the Everglades, sea levels, coal cleanups

Cabot Oil & Gas contaminated drinking water for two Pennsylvania families in its rush to begin fracking in the state, a lawyer told a jury on Tuesday at the start of a civil trial. The company has said that the methane in the water in Dimock was naturally occurring and harmless.

A battle over a company using fracking techniques in Florida for the last two years has intensified as a bill to try to regulate fracking is dividing the state legislature.

A new analysis shows rising sea levels putting increasing pressure on US coastal cities.

And the US interior secretary has said that the coal industry must face up to its clean up costs even as they face bankruptcy.

Markets: Wall St falls with oil (again), energy co debt, JP Morgan oil exposure

Wall Street slid on Tuesday hurt by pressure from a renewed drop in oil prices.

Bloomberg Gadfly puts global energy company debt at about $123bn.

And JP Morgan will set aside an additional $500m to cover potential losses from its exposure to the oil and gas sector.

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