Lots of stories, nothing very big other – of  course – than the EU referendum where The Economist makes an interesting argument about the importance of collective institutions to things like energy.

Oil: Oil prices rise amidst suggestions of a sustained recovery

A sharp fall in the number of shale gas and oil rigs has boosted oil prices today, the latest move on their topsy turvy ride comes as commentators suggest the market may be set for a sustained recovery.

Nick Butler suggests Saudi Arabia is likely to cut output at some stage whilst Bloomberg reports that Nigeria (see above) has backed a freeze on oil production whilst offering an olive branch to Iran which is wary of such a move.

Coal: No recovery in site amidst Chinese, Polish troubles

Poland could be looking to cut 12% of it’s huge mining workforce and cut wages by 17% as the country struggles to maintain its coal industry in the face of EU moves to cut dependence on the fuel. Meanwhile the South China Morning post advises investment in China’s Shenhua – why? It’s one of the few coal firms there still making money.

In other news:

Bills: 15% rise in household energy firm switching reports smug regulator

Air pollution: Indoor air pollution killing tens of thousands, we think, this scientific study is reported in The Mail so…

Nuclear: Nuclear decommissioning could cost an extra 118bn Euros according to a leaked draft report seen by Reuters

Oil: Aussie Senate to investigate BP drilling plans amidst fears they could threaten coastline 

US election: Fracking pioneer to run energy policy for rising US presidential star Marco Rubio

Good read: How to re-invent the electricity market for a low-carbon world