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UK nuclear: EDF Hinkley plant delayed again

The long delayed final investment decision on the UK’s first new nuclear plant in a generation is not on the agenda for the  EDF board meeting tomorrow – according to Reuters.

The latest delay from the French state owned utility comes as the FT reports that the firm cannot commit to invest because it has not yet secured funding to do so. Indeed The Independent reports the firm is under pressure to abandon the deal entirely.

The ongoing drama leads rival nuclear consortium Horizon to tell the Telegraph the UK will not secure new nuclear if it continues to rely solely on state – rather than private – funders.

Air pollution kills more than malnutrition

Think Progress digs into the latest data from the Global Burden of Air Pollution report, released over the weekend, which suggested 5.5 million people die from air pollution each day. Whilst The Guardian picks up on the data to illustrate the world’s most polluted cities.

Coal & oil: Business models face upheaval

The FT digs into the future of coal miner Anglo-American predicting a fairly dramatic downsizing whilst in coal-dependent Australia the Sydney Morning Herald asks how much longer the industry can hang on without major problems.

Over to oil the FT asks if we are seeing the last hurrah of Big Oil, indeed the latest news suggests big oil is increasingly dependent on slightly less big gas. BP announced it has expanded the scope of a $16bn natural gas project in Oman whilst Shell has annonced the final confirmation of its deal to merge with BG. 

In other news:

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