President Hollande Visits China On Two Day Trade Visit

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Paris: China & France 5-year reviews, climate justice tribunal, WaterAid poor nations funding, France’s fog and weatherman 

Chinese and French heads of state met yesterday and took what they called an “historic” step towards tackling climate change, by agreeing that any deal reached in Paris next month should include 5-yearly checks on whether signatories are keeping their commitments.

Meanwhile the Mail reports that the UN may launch an International Tribunal of Climate Justice which would see states who fail to uphold the international deal to tackle climate change brought to court.

And International charity WaterAid has said that poor nations provided with climate aid money are struggling to spend it, as they lack the capacity to implement, manage and oversee projects to help them cope.

And France is variously embarrassed (supposedly) by Paris fog and a weatherman’s climate change-denying book.

Big deals & business: TransCanada, BP, Shell, VW, Ikea, Goldman Sachs

TransCanada, the company seeking to building the Keystone XL pipeline, has asked Obama to suspend its yearlong review of the project. The move is viewed by environmental campaigners as a tactic for the company to “preserve their options” to seek approval and build at a later date. The White House is looking into the request.

BP’s Technology Outlook tells us the world is no longer at risk of running out of oil and gas, with existing technology capable of unlocking so much that global reserves would almost double by 2050 despite booming consumption.
The company has also said that a carbon charge will be needed to make renewables cost competitive.

Royal Dutch Shell has failed to clean up four oil-spill sites in the Niger Delta, Amnesty International said in a report on Tuesday. The inadequate clean-up leaves thousands of people exposed to contaminated land, air and water.

The VW scandal had now spread to some Porsche and Audi cars with bigger engines, with Porsche “surprised” at the allegations from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Hong Kong based solar panel firm Hanergy has lost a high-profile partnership with IKEA Group to sell solar panels in Europe. IKEA says it will have a new and more attractive offer next year.

And Goldman Sachs is seeking to finance and invest $150 billion in clean-energy projects over the next decade, more than its previous goal of $40 billion. They have also said they will review their role in coal, oil sands and hydraulic fracturing.


China renewables boom & India renewables investments, emissions, drought

Bloomberg New Energy Finance has revealed that China was the biggest centre of investment in renewable energy over the last quarter with $26.7bn. The US was second for the same period at $13.4bn.

Clean Technica guest blogger Darshan Goswami writes that with the right policies in place, India can easily become a “Solar Super Power”, and provides 10 strategies to achieve that goal.

The bad news is that India’s emissions growth is the highest in the world at 8.2%, according to PwC. And an aide of President Modi has warned that climate change is threatening to derail India’s fast-growing economy.. Erratic monsoon rain patterns have left crops parched, jeopardizing India’s nearly $370 billion agricultural sector and hundreds of millions of jobs.

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