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Coal: US and India talk mining collaboration as Goldman predicts ‘peak’

Sticking with India for now, ministers and their US counterparts are negotiating collaboration on coal mining matters and potentially shale gas extraction, according to Indian news site newKerala.

The US itself is witnessing a historic fall in the size of its coal mining sector, with new EIA data revealing the total number of operating mines is at an all-time low.

On the India side of things, in a new analysis about the prospect of ‘peak coal’, Goldman Sachs all but said India cannot prop up the industry the same way China has done this past decade.

Meanwhile The Guardian reports that doctors are blaming air pollution for the sharp rise in respiratory illness across India.

Volkswagen: UK, France and Germany lobbied for flawed emissions test

You’ve probably seen that Volkswagen CEO Michael Winterkorn resigned following the emissions cheat scandal that has seen tens of billions wiped off the company’s value.

Well the legal issues for VW have only just begun. It could face the UK’s largest ever class action lawsuit, reports Sky News.

And so to fend off that suit, plus the many more possible legal actions around the world, VW has roped in the lawyers who helped defend BP after the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, reports The Guardian.

Guardian reporter Arthur Neslen also had a great scoop this morning, having been leaked documents showing the UK, French and German governments lobbying to continue car emissions tests with known loopholes.

And The Independent has zeroed-in on TTIP, reporting that US car standards are lower than those in Europe and regulatory harmonisation could mean weaker emissions standards on this side of the Atlantic.

US: Pope starts climate change visit and Hillary debuts energy plan

The Pope arrived in the US and almost immediately pushed ahead with his climate change agenda, delivering an impassioned speech on the lawn of the White House in which he praised President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and said environmental action can no longer be delayed.That climate change is such a partisan issue in the US means the Pope, traditionally a Republican icon, has been the subject of criticism from GOP lawmakers – some of whom will skip his address to a joint session of Congress – and the right-wing press.According to Bloomberg View, Republicans will just switch off on all the climate talk.Fresh from her announcement that she will oppose the Keystone pipeline, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton outlined her plan to turn the US into the ‘clean energy superpower of the 21st century’, reports The Guardian.The plan is largely based around modernisation of the grid and energy infrastructure, shared energy goals with Mexico and Canada, and a hefty carbon tax.Senate Democrats offered their own plan: The American Energy Innovation Act.Vox’s climate wonk David Roberts says this is an incredibly substantive plan, and something that his fellow wonks should get excited about.

Hinkley: Problems have scared off investors

EDF has admitted that the well-documented cost, reactor and timeline troubles of the UK’s proposed Hinkley nuclear power plant have scared off investors, reports The Telegraph.

Meanwhile Rolls Royce will get the lion’s share of £100m supply contracts for the project, reports the BBC.

Other news

Climate change: New Zealand has deported the world’s first climate change refugee, reports the BBC.

Renewables: 9 massive companies, including Nike and Walmart, have pledged to go 100% renewables, reports Climate Progress.

Carbon Capture & Storage: ZEP, Europe’s CCS platform, has mapped out an ambitious scenario to encourage investment, reports EurActiv.

We spoke to ZEP earlier this year about the future of CCS.