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1. UK: To frack or not to frack, Austria readies Hinkley legal challenge, Scotland starts wind subsidy fight

Lancashire County Council will today decide if fracking firm Cuadrilla can extract shale gas at Little Plumpton and Roseacre Wood on the Flyde Coast, the BBC reports. If approved as is expected, the site would become the country’s first fracking operation in four years.

Austria has announced it will next week file a legal complaint in Brussels against the state subsidies Britain is offering Hinkley Point nuclear station, AFP reports. The action is backed by Luxembourg.

Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing will meet Energy Secretary Amber Rudd for the first time since news that DECC would be ending onshore wind energy subsidies next year, a move that Ewing has criticised as particularly harmful to Scotland,reports the BBC.

And finally, offshore wind generated more than £19 million in revenue for the UK Treasury, according to Business Green.

2. US: Fracking rules, earthquakes and withdrawals

A Wyoming judge has elected to block new federal rules on fracking which would require firms to disclose data on the chemicals used and take measures to prevent well leakage on public land, reports the Guardian.

Two new studies – one from Stanford, one from the University of Colorado – have reported that Oklahoma’s surge in seismic activity has been driven by fracking,Quartz reports.

Japanese company Itochu has pulled out of US shale following the energy price crisis, selling its once $1bn share in Samson Resources for just $1, according to the FT.

Its possible that part of Obama’s emissions regulations, the part in which he recommends burning biomass instead of coal, may be in breach of the Clean Air Act,reports the New York Times.

Oh and there’s a big new report on energy efficiency, the significance of which is down by Vox.

3. China: Closer to the US, closer to Russia

The US-China-Russia energy love triangle reached an interesting new moment yesterday. First, the US State Department stressed to Voice of America that the EcoPartnership is as strong as ever, and that new emissions-cutting programmes will be announced.

On the other side, Russia has officially overtaken Saudi Arabia as China’s chief oil exporter, the FT reports. What’s a global superpower to do?

Elsewhere, China has said its climate change plan – the one which it will (soon) give the details for ahead of the Paris COP – will cost $6 trillion, Reuters reports.

And China Daily says the country’s electric car production has tripled in the last year with 9,992 electric cars made in May.

In other news:

India: Air pollution causing life-long health problems for children.

Pope: Religious leaders – both Catholic and Evangelical – call upon US politicians to act on climate change.

Climate change: Lower solar activity could cause cold winter, but would not stop climate change.

Interactive: WRI has visualised all the world’s CO2 emissions and where they come from.