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Top 3 stories

1) Earth Day: Scientists say 3/4 of fossil fuel reserves should not be burned, as US passes bipartisan energy efficiency bill

It’s Earth Day, which means that Google has done a cute environmentally themed doodle (and a Buzzfeed-style ‘which animal are you?’ quiz).

It also means that major groups and peoples will say some things about climate change, making the most of trending social media terms.

The Earth League, a collection of some of the world’s best scientists and economics, have today said that 75% of the planet’s fossil fuels reserves must not be burned to stop from crossing the 2 degrees warming threshold.

#keepitintheground, as the Guardian would say.

The BBC has written up the League’s 8-point plan for averting dangerous climate change, which calls December’s Paris conference ‘the last chance.’

US Secretary of State John Kerry has penned an op-ed in USA Today in which he stressed the tackling climate change.

There’s also been some good news out of the US – congress passed a bipartisan energy bill. According to the New York Times, Washington’s notorious gridlock was broken by the bill, which includes incentives for efficiency measures and backing for innovation programmes.

Next up, the Obama administration says, is major overhaul of the country energy infrastructure to better integrate renewables and distributed energies. The Washington Post says the first ever ‘Quadrennial Energy Review’ focuses on energy modernisation.

And Yale University has designed an interactive map showing the range of climate change beliefs across the US. Here it is, published by the Daily Mail.

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2) BP & Tesla: A match made in heaven?

BP’s chief executive Bob Dudley says there will be a ‘massive restructuring’ of North Sea oil operations as the crude oil glut endures and the end of the price crisis is not yet in sight, reports The Telegraph.

And the oil giant is looking to out of everything that isn’t drilling, with Bloomberg reporting that it has is looking for $2 billion bids for US energy infrastructure assets such as pipelines and storage terminals.

Neither does it want its own megamerger, like the one Shell undertook a few weeks ago with BG Group, according to the FT.

But perhaps that’s exactly what it should do, Mark Gilbert from Bloomberg View has said.

Gilbert says BP should buy the $26 billion car company Tesla, arguing that the future isn’t oil. It doesn’t hurt that Tesla is in the process of expanding its remit, and is expected to launch a home-battery next week.

In fact, Tesla looks like it may partner with US retail powerhouse Wal-Mart, which has 11 California stores already using its batteries, reports Bloomberg.

3) China: Obama offer gives nuclear sector a boost 

US President Obama has proposed a 30-year cooperation deal with China for nuclear energy, namely the transfer of key components including reactors,reports Reuters.

And, as part of its annual nuclear energy report, China says it will approve up to 8 new projects this year.

Meanwhile, looking at Apple’s recent investment in solar energy in China, Bloomberg has written a piece about how Asia’s biggest economy is the ‘new king of clean energy’.

Elsewhere, there’s been a deadly flood at a China coal mine, with 19 casualties reported by newswires.

In other news

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