Workers at Dafeng Power Station
© Greenpeace / Zhiyong Fu

Top 3 stories

1) UK election: Parties trade green-tinged insults

After barely a mention in the campaign debates so far the UK parties had a special debate on energy and climate change where six of them tried to one up each other’s previously largely ignored claims to climate leadership and one of them sat sulky in the metaphorical corner.

2) China energy: Solar drive could help country cut coal by 2050

The journal reports that China accelerated its solar-energy buildout in the first quarter, adding 18% to total capacity as the government prioritized renewable-energy investment to clean the skies and shore up economic growth.

The report comes as the Scientific American reports on a new study suggesting China could source 60% of its energy from renewable sources by 2050.

3) Germany nuclear: Costs of shutdown rise again

The bill for shutting down Germany’s nuclear power plants and building a safe disposal site for nuclear waste could rise to 70 billion euros ($75 billion), the head of a government commission told daily Frankfurter Rundschau in an interview – Reuters.

In other news

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