China coal port

Top 3 Stories

1) China: Coal imports nearly half

Newly released data (here & last year’s here) show China’s coal imports fell 41% amidst falling demand due to action to cut air pollution.

The news comes as hundreds of people in China‘s southern Guangdong province protested against the expansion of a coal-fired power plant on Sunday, state media reported, the latest sign of public discontent over pollution – according to Reuters.

It’s not all bad for the coal sector though. The Sydney Morning Herald reports from one of China’s biggest exporters where the repeal of a Carbon tax has seen coal burning rise substantially. Perhaps not a a coincidence.

2) Gatwick oil: Oil firm boss says Fracking would double Gatwick ‘bonanza’

The Mail on Sunday reports that the boss of a firm which has found oil under Gatwick airport says he could get out twice as much if he fracked – but he promises he won’t.

David Lenigas, who heads up UK Oil and Gas Investments has had an interesting history actually – here’s all you need to know about him and the firm which claims* to be sitting on an oil goldmine.

*The claim isn’t actually a statement of a reserve or a resource. So it’s a claim-ish.

3) Clean tech: California utility plans to make gas from solar, and store it

Southern California Gas Co. has started two pilot projects that will test the feasibility of using solar energy produced when power demand is low to split hydrogen from water and store the gas in pipelines reports Bloomberg noting that Germany is working on similar technology for wind power.

If it works it could change just about everything allowing renewable energy to be easily transported and stored and used for transport as well as power generation. But then again, it may not work, much like there may not actually be 100bn barrels of oil under the South East of England.