Hinkley Point B Power Station. Nuclear Power plant on the North Somerset coast run by British Energy.

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Nuclear power: UK waste law change as Hinkley delays hit jobs

The Guardian’s Juliette Jowet reports on a little-noticed change in the law which might mean nuclear waste dumps could be forced on local communities.

Her report comes as Business Green note that as many as 400 workers building a new nuclear power plant a HInkley point face being laid off while French company EDF ponders whether to go ahead with the £24.5bn project.

US oil: Obama bids for Arctic refuge; row over fracking and earthquakes

Reuters reports on a final recommendation from the Obama administration to expand protected areas of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, calling on Congress to block about 12 million acres (5 million hectares) from oil and gas drilling. Congress is likely to block it.

And in The Guardian Oklahoma representative Jason W Murphey complains that ‘Big Oil’ is trying to suppress evidence linking the re-injection of waste-water from shale oil operations to earthquakes in the region, which happens to sit over a number of fault-lines.

The debate is interesting as it could frame regulation of how to dispose of waste-water from shale gas across the world, so influencing the cost of extraction.

Climate change: Canada’s glaciers could shrink by 95%, Australia coal-mine warning

Robert Sweeney reports for Carbon Brief on a new study published in Nature Geoscience which suggests rising temperatures will cause widespread ice loss by 2050, with the ice all but disappearing decades later.

In other news the AP reports from a Queensland courtroom on evidence from a leading expert suggesting the extraction of coal from Austrailia’s biggest mine would not directly damage the great barrier reef. But ocean acidification as a result of burning the coal would do.

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