1) Solar power takes off, literally – but support could dip

That solar-powered airplane has completed its first leg from Abu Dhabi to Oman, andstarted its second leg to India’s Ahmedabad a few hours ago. It will travel to Varanasi and hover over the Ganges to “spread its message of cleanliness and clean energy”says the Hindustan Times.

And India is forecast to take on the message, as Deutsche Bank forecasts that solar will form 25% of of India’s installed power capacity by 2022, according to Clean Technica. The government there is however mulling a cut in subsidies for rooftop solar – due to fund constraints and cheaper panels.

The US are also thinking of allowing a federal tax credit for solar to expire next year – which may slow installations of the clean energy source, writes Scientific American.

And Hong Kong based solar giant Hanergy is working with “unproven” technology – which underpins its whopping $36bn market valuation.

2) Word bans in Florida, and a new era for climate change

Not only has it emerged that Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection has banned workers from using “climate change,”, “global warming” and even “sustainability” – it is actually allowed to do so, reports Fortune.

There’s some denial of the extent of the ban reported – but the original report features named individuals who say that the ban is real and it came from the climate-denying top. Reuters have a report on it, where it even details the suggested euphemisms.

While the State squabbles over who’s allowed to say what or not, new research has emerged from Nature Climate Change suggesting that we are about to see warming rates accelerating to those unseen in 1,000 years – and they will hit the northern hemisphere first.

And the debate over it being the root cause of particular conflicts rages on.

3) EU energy – union news, and Croatia’s “tourism suicide”

EurActiv has published a special report on the EU’s energy union, featuring an interview from the VP of EuroAce mainly on efficiency.

And ENDS Europe suggests a need for the plans to include more of a boost for electric cars.

And a Guardian piece covers how Croatia, one of the EU’s newest members, is committing “tourism suicide” by considering oil and gas development in the Adriatic.

In other news

More crude price fall speculation: Who will be the first to accept a takeover bid? Whiting Petroleum seems in the running, writes the FT.

The US shale industry is expected to post the slowest growth in four years in April, due to drilling slowdown from crashed prices.

BP discovers gas in Nile Delta, and is now planning to negotiate with military-backed Egyptian government.

Forbes has a review of the diversification of the world of energy.

Inequality rears its head int he UK energy market – where the Mirror alleges that the poorest consumers are missing out on £413 of savings a year due to prepayment meters.