Annual Badwater Ultra Marathon Held In Death Valley's Extreme Heat

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Energy: Trump wind, fracking memes, SolarCity new tech

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump made a speech in Pennsylvania bashing renewable energy, particularly saying that wind “kills all your birds”. US authorities say that more birds are killed by cats and tall buildings than wind turbines.

Luckily now that FrackFeed is now firmly on our radar, we don’t need nuanced debate or scientific discussion to love fracking. FrackFeed is funded by oil and gas companies and industry groups and has recently come to light due to its memes, gifs, quizzes, and listicles. The TL;DR here is Fracking for President.

Meanwhile in other energy and tech (!) news, Elon Musk is funding a startup in Estonia that makes supercapacitors. And SolarCity defends its merger with its sister company, Tesla Motors.

State of the Climate: It’s Happening

2015 was the warmest year on record for land and sea, says the State of the Climate report written by 450 scientists, with the global average temperature the hottest ever by the widest margin ever recorded.

The media is reporting a number of climate-related tragedies as impacts of El Nino, writes George Monbiot, which only accounts for a fifth of temperature rises.

Another study looks at the impacts of rising sea levels on $1 trillion of US housing stock.

And melting permafrost is cracking roads in Alaska.

UK energy policy: Hinkley and offshore workers strike

The French government does not expect UK prime minister Teresa May to use the proposed $18bn Hinkley Point C nuclear power station as leverage in Brexit talks.

Nuclear companies investing in the UK have played down fears that scrapping Hinkley would derail the wider programme, which includes plants in Cumbria and Angelsey.

And a strike on seven Shell platforms on Thursday and Friday is to go ahead, as talks to avert action ended without agreement.Energy PR, new tech, State of the Climate, UK shifts