Decommissioning Of Nuclear Power Stations In The UK

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Nuclear: Hinkley to get go-ahead amidst raid and court case over waste

The Guardian (and everyone) report that the Hinkley Point C nuclear project is poised to get the go-ahead from EDF next week as the new UK government tries to show the country is open for business post referendum.

Yet there is always another twist in this sorry saga, The Telegraph reports that with just days to go until the decision French police have raided the EDF offices as part of a probe into EDF’s disclosure of sensitive market information. It’ll still happen though.

In other UK nuclear news the FT reports that Britain’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is in the High Court this week for the final ruling in a long-running damages claim on a £7bn deal to clean up Britain’s oldest nuclear power plants.

Solar planes: Impulse sets off on final leg, Facebook solar drone

The zero-fuel aeroplane, Solar Impulse, has left the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on the last leg of its global tour. The aircraft should take about 48 hours to reach Abu Dhabi, UAE – the place it began the circumnavigation in March 2015 – reports the BBC.

The news comes as the first commercial applicability of the technology begins to emerge. Facebook’s solar drone designed to beam internet to places not yet connected has completed its first test flight.

UK wind: Committee warns on Scottish cost of ban

The U.K. should review its decision to ban onshore wind subsidies, a move that could cost Scotland as much as 3 billion pounds ($3.9 billion) and torpedo its clean energy targets – according to the Scottish Affairs committee.

MPs concluded that the removal of subsidies for onshore wind would have a “disproportionate” impact in Scotland, which produces almost 30% of the UK’s renewable electricity, and urged a review of the policy.

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