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UK votes on EU membership

Today it’s the only story that matters.

Britons go to the polls to decide whether the UK will remain a member state in the European Union or leave to forge its own path, probably with a new government.

Here’s an overview of all the stories we’ve done on the issue:

Editorial: If your priority is the environment, vote to Remain in the EU.

Let’s start with how the ‘anti-establishment’ campaign group Grassroots Out is funded by millionaire industrialists, and how they have been taking pro-Brexit MPs on luxury yacht cruises every year since the referendum was first announced.

Sticking with the politics stuff, we’ve also looked into the voting and expense records of the most outspoken anti-EU members of the House of Lords.

7 of the top pro-Brexit Lords have hit out at Brussels for its ‘self-serving, unaccountable and unelected’ Eurocrats, but it turns out these unelected UK lawmakers have well below average voting records and claim higher than average expenses.

Next let’s dive into what would happen if the UK upends the world order and votes to leave.

We spoke to legal experts, who said that almost all the environmental regulations for fracking in the UK could be removed by the government in the event of a Brexit.

Both The Independent and US-based Think Progress followed up on that.

If the UK chooses not to sign up for the new EU-wide air pollution rules then up to 4,200 lives could be put at risk, according to our calculations.

And Boris Johnson and his Eurosceptic ‘government-in-waiting’ hasn’t so far seemedinclined to safeguard environmental protections or tackle climate change.

You’d think with all that, at least energy would become cheaper. But you’d probably be wrong. According out calculations, a fall in the value of the pound (which would almost certainly happen) would increase the cost of fuel to more than offset any prospective cut to VAT.

In other climatey-Brexity news, the UN climate chief Christina Figueres and former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday came out in support of Remain, saying a vote to leave could hurt global efforts to tackle climate change, reports Climate Home.

In other news

Trump: The Republican presidential candidate is visiting the UK this week, soBuzzfeed recalls the time he likened wind turbines in Scotland to the Lockerbie bombing that killed more than 200 people

US: A federal judge have rejected proposed regulations for fracking on public lands in a blow to Obama’s climate efforts, reports the NYT.

Cities: More than 7,100 cities across 119 countries are coming together to tackle climate change, including sharing info on clean energy development, reports Reuters.

Indonesia: The quite coal-fired country looks to gas as an alternative in its 10 year energy plan, reports local press.

India: We have too much coal, power plants tell state-owned energy company Coal India, reports local press.

Nuclear: EDF’s worker’s committee is taking to the courts in order to slow down the Hinkley project, reports the FT.

Solar: The solar-powered plane successfully crossed the Atlantic, reports the BBC.