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Arctic: Repsol exit leaves only one license in Chukchi Sea

Spanish oil major Repsol is surrendering its 93 drilling licenses – which cover more than 500,000 acres – in the US Arctic, reports Platts.

It had been the final holdout when Energydesk covered Big Oil’s Arctic exodus last month.

Once the oil firms have gotten rid of the blocks they intend to, there will be but one license left.

It’s the one Shell drilled unsuccessfully last year, which it wants to keep in order to retain its data.

Now look at this extraordinary map, courtesy of Oceana.

India: Modi to ratify Paris Agreement this year

The Indian Prime Minister and US President came together yesterday to discuss closer energy ties and stronger climate commitments.

According to White House release, India will join the global climate agreement before the end of the year.

Meanwhile Nigeria also announced its intention to ratify the deal this year, Climate Home reports.

But back to India: Obama and Modi were trumpeting a slew of new initiatives and partnerships, including a project that would see a million solar-powered homes in India by 2020, reports Climate Progress.

Because India is going big on solar, with current capacity now exceeding 7.5GW and government just announcing a more ambitious second round of solar parks around the country.

The partnership extends to nukes, with US firm Westinghouse given the greenlight to build 6 nuclear reactors in India, the WSJ reports.

UK: Solar beats coal in May

First it was a day then it was a week, now it’s officially a month.

The UK’s solar panels produced more electricity in May than the country’s coal plants,according to an analysis by Carbon Brief.

Meanwhile Scotland’s largest solar farm – which will provide power to 3,500 homes – was opened yesterday, reports the Scotsman.

And onto air pollution business: The Transport Secretary has said a diesel tax could be introduced in order to reduce the urban smog, reports The Telegraph.

In other news

Climate: Boston will host an international climate summit in 2017, reports AP.

China: Slowing demand stalls ‘golden age of gas’, reports the FT.

Indonesia: Austrlaian mining giant BHP Billiton has sold its Indonesian assets, reports The Times.

US: Shell is set to build a large-scale chemical plant in Pennsylvania, reports the FT.

India: Forest fires and logging threaten the country’s climate goals, reports Reuters.

China: The government says an important glacier is melting due to climate change,reports Reuters.