Look, i'll throw in the energy and pension costs...
Look, i'll throw in the energy and pension costs...

UK steel crisis: Row over energy subsidies

The Telegraph reports that UK business secretary Sajid Javid has indicated the government will help decrease the cost of energy for steelworks and cover workers’ pensions in a bid to save the industry from extinction however the Brexit supporting Times warns the move could be scuppered by EU rules. 

The row leads the FT’s energy editor Kieren Stacey to report that Germany has handed over 40 times more in energy subsidies to its industry since 2013 than the the UK pointing out that energy costs in the UK are higher than elsewhere partly because the UK has its own tax on carbon.

Coal: Australia gives go-ahead to huge new Indiian mine lease

The BBC reports that the Queensland state government has approved three leases that will allow Indian company Adani to build an enormous coal mine in Australia. But the decision to grant the leases to the Carmichael mine has dismayed environmentalists who say it poses a risk to the Great Barrier Reef.

The approval for the project comes despite the collapse of the coal price in recent years and the decision of numerous major banks and investment funds not to invest in the black stuff. Coal, it seems, is some way from dead.

Oil advertising: Famous artists and scientists call for British Museum to end BP ties

Verbatim from The Guardian: “Almost 100 prominent figures from the arts, science and politics are calling on the new director of the British Museum to drop BP as a commercial sponsor.

In a letter to the Guardian, the museum is urged to abandon the “completely out of touch” partnership.The intervention is backed by actors Emma Thompson, Mark Ruffalo and Mark Rylance, writers Margaret Atwood, Naomi Klein and Caryl Churchill, as well as the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, and physicist Sir Tom Kibble.”

Other happenings of note

Oil: Nick Butler warns that OPEC’s failed states won’t cut production enough to see price rise

UK Nuclear: The Guardian finds China incorporates 7 London based firms, suggests they mean business, also suggests a complex financial structure. Eyebrows raised. 

UK Coal: Grid accused of panic move to keep coal plants open with lucrative new contracts (FT)

Indonesia forest fires: As forests burn, new anti-fire agency feels heat (their headline,not ours)

China emissions: NYT reports that they may have peaked, but it’s hazy – like the air.

Solar: In New York state industry moves in where frackers are banned

And finally… everyone wants a shiney new Tesla (or at least they are willing to put $1k down saying they do)

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