Cleaning Takes Place At Landmead Solar Farm

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UK: Lords leap to solar defence, more on flooding, green fuel fails to take off

David Cameron’s 65% cuts to solar subsidies are under threat as members of the House of Lords could force the government to reverse the controversial policy. Baroness Featherstone, a former Liberal Democrat coalition minister, has tabled a “regret motion” calling for the cuts to be abandoned.

Euractiv reports that Euro & climate sceptics James Delingpole and Viscount Matt Ridley have blamed the UK’s recent flooding crisis on an EU directive that supposedly prohibits governments from dredging rivers.

And while we’re playing the blame game, British Airways has blamed the failure of a new green fuel project on a lack of government support. The ‘groundbreaking’ £340 million scheme would have created 16 million gallons of jet fuel a year from London’s rubbish.

BA also place partial blame on low crude prices and ‘jitters among investors’.

US: California leaking, the little solar company that could

A broken well at a natural gas storage site is California’s single biggest contributor to climate change, according to state authorities. 77,000 metric tons of methane have leaked out of the underground facility since the fault was detected in October.

In other news, a climate change bill signed in by California governor Jerry Brown is one of the reasons shares in Arizona-based First Solar have jumped by 8%, according to data from Bloomberg. The FT reports that First Solar shares were ‘stealing the limelight’ on Tuesday following a year of hard times for the solar sector.

Oil: prices down (again), Iran doesn’t want price war

Reuters reports that oil prices dropped over 2% towards an 11-year low on Tuesday, as traders shrugged off growing tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, two of the world’s biggest oil producers.

Meanwhile, Iran has announced it will only gradually raise oil exports once sanctions against it are lifted, as it doesn’t want to “start a sort of a price war”.

Climate denier resigns from UK climate denying think tank

Climate denier Professor Ross McKitrick has resigned from his post as chairman of the academic advisory council of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a UK climate sceptic thinktank that recently came under fire following a Greenpeace investigation revealing some serious flaws in its peer review process for academic research.

McKitrick, a senior fellow of the ExxonMobil- and Koch-funded Fraser Institute in Canada, has confirmed that his resignation is unrelated to the investigation. He will be replaced by longtime GWPF collaborator Christopher Essex.

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