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Tar sands: Alberta announces moves to limit emissions, New York moves to renewables

Perhaps stung by the failure of Keystone the Canadian state of Alberta has announced will cap oil-sands emissions for producers such as Suncor Energy Inc. and Imperial Oil Ltd., phase out coal power plants and implement an economy-wide price for carbon in an effort to curb pollution from Canada’s largest greenhouse-gas emitter.

The move comes as the governor of New York state Andrew Cuomo plans to order state regulators to mandate that, by 2030, half of all power consumed by New Yorkers be generated from renewable sources.

Climate talks: Positive noises ahead of massive climate summit in Paris

The FT’s Pilita Clark reports on hopes that next week’s climate summit in Paris could offer a ray of hope (unless you are a coal company) after the city was plunged into a state of emergency following terror attacks.

“I think, if anything, it stiffens the spine in terms of determination to really solve what is the greatest collective action problem in history,” said Andrew Steer, president of the US-based World Resources Institute.

Indeed it’s time to brace yourselves for an avalanche of comment on the subject, top ranking from this weekend in the English language press:
1) Naomi Klein asks what’s at stake now marches have been banned
2) Yes the Paris climate summit can save the planet says former UK Labour leader, Ed Miliband. 
3) Paris could provide false dawn for faltering UK contribution – says current Labour Energy secretary, Lisa Nandy

And from the non-British press reports that India is approaching the talks seeking climate justice with more industrialized countries providing ‘carbon space’ for developing powers. Keen watchers of these things will not find anything much new here.

Clean energy investment: Developing countries, Latin America lead investment

A new report finds that Latin America dominated the list of top emerging nations for clean-energy investments. Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay attracted almost $20 billion in clean-energy investments last year according to the Climatescope 2015 study which found that most investment in 2014 came about in developing countries, led by China. Click here for a cool-ish infogaphic. 

Speaking of clean investment – here are some more stories about interesting renewables happenings:
1) Giant Moroccan solar plant to power 1 million people even at night – as country moves to 42% renewables by 2020 (more than the UK).
2) Poland launches its largest solar farm powering up to 1,600 homes during the daytime
3) Amazon plans large new Ontario windfarm to power servers, cut reliance on coal 

Oil: Shell lines up for Iran contracts and price falls further

The oil price continues to head south as with analysts suggesting it may go as low as $40 around a third of it’s highs from the past few years. In that context it’s not surprising that the likes of Shell – which recently bailed on it’s Arctic adventures – is looking to cash in on cheap oil from the middle east, in this case, a sanctions free Iran. 

Media sponsorship: What’s fuelling the media’s climate coverage

Ok, so, we all know that claims of independence aside we are in the pocket of big green. DeSmog have been taking a scurrilous look at sponsored content and advertising from oil giants in the rest of the media. Needless to say the divisions between editorial and advertising remain strong. Except when it’s advertorial – but that’s what labelling is for right.