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1) US energy: Obama to announce tougher than expected emissions rules

The US president is set to demand a 32% cut in US emissions compared to levels in 2005 (the EU tends to use 1990 so numbers are not directly comparable). The target will be 2% more than previously announced though states will be given an extra 2 years to comply.

Bloomberg reports that the new rules are set to hit the coal industry hard – leaving US coal miners fighting each other in a massively over-supplied (and cheap) market. The wind and solar industries – meanwhile – celebrated believing that states will turn to measures to promote clean energy to help hit their own targets.

Other news

Arctic drilling: Shell resumes offshore drilling in anticipation of icebreaker arrival. The Anglo-Dutch firm can only carry out shallow drilling until then due to US safety regulations.

UK Energy: Complaints to major energy companies soar with billing errors topping the list – reports The Times.

US Politics: Another Republican presidential candidate (Ted Cruz) claims climate change doesn’t exist.

China energy: Beijing-Tibet highway eerily quiet as coal trade dries up – remember when people used to report on US highways as indicators of the global economy?

Energy analysis: What would a Paris deal mean for the fossil fuel industry? asks Business Green’s Melanie Cluff. Not great for coal or ‘dirty’ liquid fuels (think tar sands) for the rest… we don’t really know.