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UK: Fracking could pose risk to health and house prices, says official report

People living near fracking sites could be affected by health problems and financial hardships, a government report has revealed.

The report – which was initially heavily redacted but has now been fully published after the Information Commissioner ordered the government to do so  – warns that homeowners near fracking wells would see insurance costs increase, lower house prices and cause water, noise, light and air pollution.

You can read the UNREDACTED Defra report in its entirety here.

Paris conference: Money main roadblock to climate deal, says French President

With poor countries needing money to adapt to climate change, and rich countries needing to invest in clean energy technology, Francoise Hollande has warned that financial concerns could pose the biggest challenge to the upcoming climate talks in Paris.

Business leaders, NGOs and national governments have all been busy submitting their proposals ahead of the UN conference to be held in Paris this winter.

Speaking in Lyon as temperatures hit the high 30s across Europe, President Hollande warned that finances would pose the biggest challenge. “That’s where everything will be played out,” he said.

Australia: Unesco ruling on Great Barrier Reef show country is a “world leader”

The Australian government has turned its fire on conservationists and environmental groups, after the UN refused to list the Great Barrier Reef as in danger.

Environment minister Greg Hunt said the decision showed that the Australian government was a “role model for the world” on climate change.

Green groups had previously warned that the Reef was in a perilous position, with Greenpeace funding an advertising campaign telling tourists it was “last chance” to see the natural wonder.

Hunt, who led a vigorous campaign to allay Unesco’s fears about the Reef said Green groups had endured a “spectacular lack of success” in their campaigns.

The news comes as the country’s Climate Change Authority warned the country had to cut carbon emissions by 30% by 2025 in an effort to catch up with other countries.

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